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CBC Organized 2019 Plant CRISPR Workshop

CBC hosted 30 participants at the 2019 Plant CRISPR Workshop from May 13 – 15, 2019. The workshop was held in the new Advanced Teaching and Research Building on the ISU campus, which provided a great venue for presentations and hands-on laboratory activities. The workshop was co-organized by CBC co-directors Professors Kan Wang and Steve Whitham. The theme for the workshop was the application of rapid and transient methods using protoplasts or viral vectors for testing CRISPR/guide RNA function and for modulating gene expression in plants. More »

CBC hosts Transgene Stewardship Roundtable Discussion

Kan Wang, together with Wayne Parrott of University of Georgia, co-organized a focused discussion on transgene stewardship on October 16, 2018, in Ames. More »

Research Highlights and Recent Publications

CBC Scientists Organize the First Plant Genome Editing Workshop in Africa

Drs. Kan Wang and Bing Yang in collaboration with Dr. Leena Tripathi of the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA)-Kenya organized and conducted a workshop held in Nairobi on June 19 and 20, 2018. This workshop was an outreach activity for the joint NSF-BREAD grant entitled “Genome-enabled platform for yam.” More »

OECD Holds Conference on Genome Editing with a Focus on Agriculture

Jeff Wolt gave an invited presentation on “Current risk assessment approaches for environmental and food safety” at the 28-29 June conference sponsored by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and held at OECD headquarters in Paris. More »

CBC Researchers Explore Sources of Anti-GMO Content in On-line Media

Sean Dorius and Carolyn Lawrence-Dill have recently published their initial analysis of GMO content in on-line English language media reporting with surprising results regarding the role of Russian news organizations in pushing negative messages concerning GMOs to the American public. The research, which is supported in part with funding from the Crop Bioengineering Center, will soon be published in GM Crops & Food. The research preprint is posted to SocArXiv and coverage of the research can be found in the 27 February Des Moines Register.

Center News

Center Co-Director Wolt retires
Sep 01, 2018

Dr. Jeff Wolt, CBC Co-director and a professor of Agronomy and Toxicology, retires in July 2018, after a career of over 40 years in academic and industrial institutions. More »

Council member Yang moves to Mizzou
Sep 01, 2018

Dr. Bing Yang, CBC council member and a professor of Genetics, Development and Cellular Biology, will move to University of Missouri-Columbia in September. He will also have a joint faculty appointment at Donald Danforth Plant Science Center. More »

Bing Yang Promoted to Professor
May 25, 2018

Dr. Bing Yang of the Department of Genetics, Development and Cell Biology has been promoted to professor. More »

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