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Upcoming Events

The Crop Bioengineering Center and Interdepartmental Plant Biology Program Join Forces to Consider All Things CRISPR

The Interdepartmental Plant Biology Program and Crop Bioengineering Center (CBC) are jointly organizing and hosting a three-day series of symposia presentations and workshop, “Genome Editing – Putting Together the Pieces” to be held at the Molecular Biology Building on the Iowa State University campus from 8 to 10 May 2018. This event brings together world class regulators, science communicators and leading industry experts to describe advances in CRISPR-based technologies and their application in the plant sciences. More »

Research Highlights and Recent Publications

CBC Researchers Explore Sources of Anti-GMO Content in On-line Media

Sean Dorius and Carolyn Lawrence-Dill have recently published their initial analysis of GMO content in on-line English language media reporting with surprising results regarding the role of Russian news organizations in pushing negative messages concerning GMOs to the American public. The research, which is supported in part with funding from the Crop Bioengineering Center, will soon be published in GM Crops & Food. The research preprint is posted to SocArXiv and coverage of the research can be found in the 27 February Des Moines Register.

CBC Members Publish Genome Editing Monograph

Don Weeks and Bing Wang are the editors of Gene Editing in Plants, Volume 149 of the series Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science. More »


Zhao, H., & Wolt, J. D. (2017). Risk associated with off-target plant genome editing and methods for its limitation. Emerging Topics in Life Sciences, 1(2), 231-240.

Center News

Bridging Funds Support CBC Innovation
Mar 29, 2018

Bridging funds provided by CBC are allowing for continuation of promising avenues for research of importance to the center and its members. Collectively these research initiatives may lead to improved design and targeting of CRISPR/Cas reagents, reduced off-target modifications and simplified progeny analysis. More »

CBC Membership Meets to Review Research and Center Direction
Nov 16, 2017

The Crop Bioengineering Center follows a unique member-driven model for support and governance that seeks to advance crop bioengineering through fundamental and applied research, technology development and outreach. Members and associates of CBS meet on 13-14 November to overview the state of the center, share research and discuss long-term program direction. More »

Wolt Presents at IowaBIO Innovation Advancement Workshops
Nov 16, 2017

Jeff Wolt discussed regulatory and public policy for genome edited crops at workshops in Des Moines and Coralville on the 9th and 16th of November. These annual workshops conducted by the Iowa Biotech Association are targeted primarily toward lawyers with biotechnology-related clients. Issues related to understanding the regulatory ramifications for genome editing for crop and animal improvement and for human therapeutic use were discussed. Special emphasis was given to transparency, clarity in communicating technology benefits, and the need to move regulatory processes forward to counter public confusion regarding this technology and its uses. More »

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